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Royal Society's Exciting Special Edition NFT: A Golden Opportunity for ROYSY Holders

Updated: Jun 22

Royal Society has announced an exciting opportunity for cryptocurrency enthusiasts and collectors worldwide. They're introducing a Special Edition Genesis NFT, a unique and valuable asset that ROYSY token holders can claim. This is an enticing addition to the ROYSY Community and offers considerable rewards to those who take advantage of this limited-time opportunity.

Eligibility and Claiming Process

You must hold at least 100,000 ROYSY tokens to be eligible for this promotion. However, this is just the base eligibility; you can maximize your rewards by holding up to 30,000,000 ROYSY tokens. The more you hold, the better your rewards are!

To claim your Special Edition NFT, transfer your ROYSY tokens to your Flag Wallet by June 21. If you need to boost your holdings, you can purchase additional ROYSY tokens from CoinStore in the market before the cut-off date. Please remember that you must maintain your IEO tokens in the Flag Wallet until at least July 21 to be eligible to receive this special edition NFT.

Reward Levels

The Special Edition NFT comes in five levels:

  1. Normal NFT for holdings of 999k ROYSY or less

  2. Rare NFT for holdings between 1 - 4.9 million ROYSY

  3. Elite NFT for holdings between 5 - 9.9 million ROYSY

  4. Epic NFT for holdings between 10 - 14.9 million ROYSY

  5. Legendary NFT for holdings of more than 15 million ROYSY

These rewards will be sent directly to your Flag Wallet, providing an easy and convenient way to claim your NFT.

Additional Rewards

You are eligible for even more rewards if you hold at least 500,000 ROYSY or more in your Flag Wallet by June 21. You will be awarded one NFT from each of the Royal Society's first six collections as they are minted. This means you will receive seven NFTs in total, including the Special Edition Genesis NFT.

What's more, for every 30 days after July 21 that you maintain your ROYSY in your Flag Wallet, the level of Royal Society NFTs you own will upgrade. This progression goes from Normal > Rare > Elite > Epic > Legendary across all collections!

For those at the Legendary Special Edition Genesis NFT level on June 21 (with more than 15 million ROYSY in the Flag Wallet), you will receive a two-level upgrade on this reward. You will start with the Elite level NFTs in each of the six collections, reaching Legendary status by September instead of November.

But it doesn't stop there! If you manage to hold until September 21 or November 21 and reach Legendary status, your ROYSY token holdings (up to a maximum of 30 million) will be doubled. So if you have 500k ROYSY, you will receive an additional 500k; if you have 30 million ROYSY, you will be rewarded with an extra 30,000,000 ROYSY! This is a fantastic opportunity for ROYSY token holders to maximize their investment.

The Royal Society's Special Edition Genesis NFT presents an exciting opportunity for ROYSY holders to increase their digital asset portfolio while enjoying substantial rewards. As the world of cryptocurrency and NFTs continues to evolve, this promotion offers a unique way to engage with these emerging technologies. So why wait? Grab your ROYSY tokens, get your Flag Wallet ready, and dive into this exciting NFT venture!

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This article does not constitute financial advice. It's always recommended to conduct your own research before making any investment decisions. Please note that the value of investments can go up and down, and you may get back less than you invested. The information provided in this blog post is accurate as of June 13, 2023.

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