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Claim your special
edition Genesis NFT

Rules for the Special Edition NFT:

  1. You need to have at least 100,000 ROYSY to be eligible for this base promotion. You can buy up to 30,000,000 ROYSY before June 21 and transfer it to your Flag Wallet to get the Special Edition NFT.

  2. Download the Flag Wallet for iOS or Android - make sure you Import Token and add ROYSY to the wallet (see images below)

  3. Transfer your ROYSY Tokens to your Flag Wallet by June 21. Before June 21 you may purchase up to 30,000,000 additional ROYSY tokens from CoinStore in the market to increase your holdings and NFT level.

  4. Subscribers that have kept all of their IEO tokens in their Flag Wallet on July 21 are eligible to receive the Genesis Special Edition NFT.

  5. You have to hold your IEO tokens the entire time to be rewarded with this rare and valuable gift.

  6. There are 5 levels of NFT being distributed:
    - Normal NFT if you have 999k ROYSY or less
    - Rare NFT if you have between 1 - 4.9 million ROYSY
    - Elite NFT if you have between 5 - 9.9 million ROYSY
    - Epic NFT if you have between 10 - 14.9 million ROYSY
    - Legendary NFT if you have more than 15 million ROYSY

  7. Your Special Edition Genesis NFT will be sent directly to your Flag Wallet

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CONTRACT ADDRESS: 0xadc6A037e3d359A951DF9c49263e40b56970916B

First ROYSY Special Edition Genesis NFT Reward Announced

 • 100% Staking + 7 NFTs now open for anyone holding 500,000 ROYSY or more!

 • Date extended by 1 week to June 21 to help people trying to move ROYSY to their FlagWallet



1. Anyone with at least 500,000 ROYSY or more in their Flag Wallet by June 21 will be awarded 1 NFT from each of Royal Society’s first 6 collections as they are minted (7 NFTs in total including the Special Edition Genesis NFT). 


2. You must have all of your ROYSY in your Flag Wallet before June 21 and hold it until at least July 21. Every 30 days after July 21 that you hold your ROYSY in your Flag Wallet, the level of Royal Society NFTs will go up from Normal > Rare > Elite > Epic > Legendary in ALL of the collections!


3. Important >> If you are at the Legendary Special Edition Genesis NFT level on June 21 (you have more than 15 million ROYSY in your Flag wallet), you will get a 2 LEVEL UPGRADE on this reward - meaning you will start with the Elite level NFTs in each of the 6 collections, and this will get you to Legendary by September instead of November!


4. If you get to Legendary (hold until September 21 or November 21), your ROYSY token holdings (maximum of 30 million) will be DOUBLED >>> if you have 500k ROYSY, you will get another 500k; if you have 30 million ROYSY, you will be rewarded with an additional 30,000,000!

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